The place where you should be...

  • Great Green Macaws

    Great Green Macaws

    are surrounding our Lodge
  • Crossing the bridge

    Crossing the bridge

    to new experiences
  • Every balcony

    Every balcony

    has an amazing rainforest view
  • Amphibians


    will surprise you
  • Feel cozy

    Feel cozy

    after a morning walk
  • Mythical rivers

    Mythical rivers

    from higher mountains
  • A feline

    A feline

    might be near you today
  • Be alert

    Be alert

    there´s always something to see in every trail

Yatama is a deep forest lodge  inspired by nature, culture and sustainable tourism. The concept is to meet harmony within nature elements and human activity and we want you to be part of it.

The evergreen rainforest inspires both international and national visitors each year due to the rich biodiversity that can be spotted during your stay. It’s location off the beaten path makes YATAMA a perfect place to stay during your visit to Costa Rica, preferred by nature lovers, bird watchers, naturalist and those who believe that conservation working with local communities are the key for sustainable development.