With no doubt Sarapiqui is a blessed region with rich soils that harvest banana plantations to cocoa fields , with highlands covered with cloud forest , low land and middle elevations with vast lush rainforest vegetation with a large variety of plant, animal and insect life.  The region is bath with navigable rivers and is a local trading artery, and also supports fishing and tourism activity such as river rafting or the amazing river floats.

Because of its geographic location the scenic views of volcanos, mountains, evergreen rainforest and rivers the area becomes a treat for you during your visit.

Sarapiqui is rich in history from the native tribes that once roamed and lived in the area to the heyday of the banana trades , gastronomy is part of the region based in roots as yuca, sweet potatos, but something will still your heart “the sweet heart palm” either in  a salad or mixed with rice, lots of fruits to enjoy like bananas , pineapple , papaya.

Its inhabitants are hard working people that work the field in cattle ranching , banana fields and Sweat heart palm harvest, its is a good mix of native Costaricans , inmigrants from other parts of the countries and across our borders that makes Sarapiqui an interesting social mix.

Its a fun rich region you should visit and we can tell you will never go wrong.