Sustainable Tourism

From the beginning we made zoning of the areas of conservation , infrastructure and human activity, these means while providing guest with phenomenal rural tourism experiences we also ensure environmental protection.
We took important steps with reforestation programs with local native trees that would ensure us that our fauna like the Great Green Macaw had plenty of food options in the reserve, this has been done through observation and understanding birds, mammals, insects and amphibian behavior.

We border the 108 000 acres Braulio Carrillo National Park and Yatama serves as a buffer zone to the park, we work closely with national park rangers supporting their job in conservation patrol and its a mutual benefit.

Our sustainable effort stands because everyone involvement, roll and contribution that goes from family members to close friends and our guests who play a very important part by visiting us they support local jobs and rainforest conservation.



People like you make sustainability possible

The lodge strives to manage waste, energy use, and other techniques ensuring limited disturbance of the ecosystem Рreducing environmental and social impacts in all areas of the operation  through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

The lodge cabins are elevated on wooden posts the layout takes advantage of natural ventilation, eliminating need for air conditioning. Furniture is handmade on-site by local craftspeople.

Proudly involved with organizations such as Costa Rican Bird Route which is a wildlife habitat conservation project stimulating responsible eco-tourism and FUNDECOR (NGO)  who support development and protection of the central volcanic mountain range where Yatama is located.

We make sure we support small business and their products as well local farmers in order to share our vision of responsible tourism.