River floats

Natural History Floating Trip

Enjoy a nice experience down Sarapiqui and Puerto Viejo Rivers, relax surrounded by nature and see well in detail the amazing tropical rainforest, calm water with chances to jump and swim in natural and safe pools, passing through La Selva Station (OTS), Organization for Tropical Studies. You can see some animals such as  :  Anhinga , Neotropic Cormorant , Black Mandible and  Keel Billed Toucan , Otter , Caiman , Violaceous Trogon , Long nose Bats , howler Monkeys and more.

Perfect for birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers.


Rafting for Families

 Share with your family an unforgettable trip in the refreshing waters of our rivers, and enjoy a safe adventure.

Tours specially designed for the whole family, River class I-II; spend great moments of fun, but also good moments to contemplate nature. Recommended for families with children of ages ranging between 4-8 years old, we provide special equipment for your children.

Sarapiqui River Rafting Class III-II

Enjoy  world class rafting always surrounded by  nature  on  the Sarapiqui River , 13 kilometers of adrenaline,  rapids, natural pools , waterfalls and lots of fun, stop for swimming,  jump from a wall and taste delicious fruits with our local professional guides.

Feel the challenge with lots of safety.


White Water Rafting Class IV

Have Fun involved of a green jungle for around two hours filled of pure adrenaline. Recommend for people with previous experience looking for more challenge.

This tour start in a village called San Miguel where the river is characterized for strong and continuous rapids especially for adventure people and hard paddlers!!